Beyond the Neon…

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for the community~~~ from the community

    beyond the neon..!


2nd Annual

Winter Celebration & EXPO

2 days & nights

both days, beginning 10am 

Artisan’s ~ Musicians & Healings Arts


Over 70 Authentic Exhibitors

Life friendly everything & everyone…

Holiday Gifts & Treasures…


Your $5 cash donation contributes to,

 Homeless Teens of Southern Nevada.

please bring

socks, gloves,scarves, head warmers!


Alexis Park Resort, Las Vegas, NV

Light Shine Weekend Packages

Dec 20th & Dec 21st, 2014


or contact us at

*EDUTAINMENT – it is the act of learning through a medium that both educates and entertains

Producer / Director

Darlene Mea

Co Producers

Sheila Z Stirling ~  Goldie Amira 


Light S H I N E

by Darlene Mea

In a world where we can be anything

why not be all that we can be, let our expression of Life shine!

We came here as spirits

ready to have a hue-mind* experience

We landed in the land of OZ & Ah Ha’s

a world of illusions & infinite realites

where everything is yen & yang,

black yet white, big yet small, right yet wrong, the same yet different!

…and then one day maybe, we wake up!

We understand, this is not a dress rehearsal, this is our Life

we are all Life expressing IT ‘self infinitely 

we are collectively good, bad and indifferent;

all the same, yet different

When we find our place, our balance, 

we realize, Here Now, is a big deal!

Who ever really knows what tomorrow will bring!???

Live, love, engage in the journey

Xpress your ‘self’, be authentic, be real!

Expect miracles, synchronicities, epiphanies! 

C A R E ~ S H A R E!

Let your light shine, see the light in each other

Connect heart to heart, soul to soul

In joy the journey,

We’re only  here a few moments of infinite time

maybe we’re just visiting this planet, treat it like a working vacation!

Smile often, be kind, let your light shine!

(dare to turn your brights ON!)

in’joy Darlene Mea

* Hue~Mind – from a chapter in my upcoming book!