Beyond the Neon…

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for the community~~~ from the community

    beyond the neon..!



2nd Annual

Winter Solstice Celebration & EXPO

Artisan’s ~ Musicians & Healings Arts

December 20th & December 21st

EXPO Sat & SUN 10am to 6pm

SOUL’ful Saturday Presenters 10am to 4pm

Solstice Celebration ‘beyond the Neon’  seating 730 to 8pm

Over 70 Authentic Exhibitors

Life friendly everything & everyone…

Holiday Gifts & Treasures…

EXPO in the Appolo

SOUL’ful Saturday in the Pegasus

after party, beyond the Neon in the Pegasus

SOUL’ful SUNday in the Apollo

‘Solstice Ceremony’

overlooking the Las Vegas Skyline

Your $5 cash donation contributes to,

 Homeless Teens of Southern Nevada

also, if you’re so inspiried, please bring

socks, gloves, scarves, head warmers for the teens!


Alexis Park Resort, Las Vegas, NV

Light Shine Weekend Packages

Dec 20th & Dec 21st, 2014


or contact us at

Producer / Director

Darlene Mea

Co Producers

Sheila Z Stirling ~  Goldie Amira 


Light S H I N E

by Darlene Mea

In a world where we can be anything

why not be all that WE really ARE, and let our expression of Life shine!

We came here as spirits,

ready to have a hue-mind* experience

We landed in the land of OZ & Ah Has’

a world of illusions & infinite realties

a world where everything is yen & yang,

sometimes at the same time!

It’s black yet white, big yet small, right yet wrong, the same yet different!

…and then one day, maybe, we wake up!

We understand, this is not a dress rehearsal, this is our Life

we are each, Life expressing IT ‘self infinitely 

we are collectively good, bad and indifferent;

in our diversity, we are still all the same, yet different!

When we find our place, our balance, 

we realize, Here Now, is a big deal!

Who ever really knows what the next moment will bring!???

Live, love, engage in your journey

Xpress your ‘self’, be authentic, be real!

Expect miracles, synchronicities, epiphanies! 

C A R E ~ S H A R E!

Let your light shine, see the light in others

Connect heart to heart, soul to soul

In joy the journey.

We’re only here a few moments of infinity,

maybe we’re just visiting this planet and maybe it’s our only time!

Smile often, be kind, let your light shine!

(dare to turn your Bright’s ON!)

in’joy the journey

Darlene Mea

* Hue~Mind – from a chapter in my upcoming book!