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Melissa-White-7-Copy-small Melissa White is a certified Angel Card Reader, Melissa  certified Reiki Master/Teacher, licensed esthetician, a balancer of energy and a channel for Spirit that is of the purest, highest vibration.




Kenedy-Glass-Art-Solstice-Special-262x300KENNEDY GLASS

We are a family owned and operated business with over 25 years of experience in glass blowing. We specialize in unique and functional glass art for everyday enjoyment. Come visit us at the Solstice Holidaze event!! http://www.kennedyglassstudio.com


Watkins for EVERY BOSY

Watkins for EVERY BOSY


Natural products to go in you, on you and clean around you since 1858.  Gourmet spices and extracts, natural body lotions and oils, natural cleaning products and heritage medicinals.  JR Watkins is the company that your mother, your mother’s mother, and your mother’s mother trusted for quality and value.  Independent Watkins Consultant #320817


Jada 2Earth Body Yoga

Heal & Inspire!  Jada ~ Yogini Spirit Guide, Artist & Healer
with Jada Fire Feather Heart

Engage in a sensual expression of sacred movement, meditative flow, rejuvenating breath rhythm and earth inspired wisdom. Awaken the creative flame within. Open to all levels. Beginner friendly. Celebrate and love life with this sacred morning practice.

Tribalesque Performance by Jada Fire Feather Heart   Direct: 702.821.5017  Email: jadafeatherheart@gmail.com  www.animalpower.me   www.barefootsanctuary.com

Floating Worldz - Wearable ART

Floating Worldz – Wearable ART

Floating World ART    Art is an expression of the soul that doesn’t have to be limited to your walls at home. Deborah Pittman loves creating wearable art that are not only beautiful, but are great conversation pieces that say something about who you are – that you are bold and daring, confident, compassionate, courageous, peaceful, loving.

Her unique, one-of-a-kind bracelets, pendants, and belts can be custom ordered in different sizes and shapes, in a variety of colors with different images that will match any outfit as well as any mood.  http://floatingworldz.com
Deborah Ph. 702 427 4770


Create your life as a masterpiece of HeART!

Havi Mandell, Visionary Artist, Intentional Creativity Coach’​

​Art and creativity gives voice to the deepest and truest meanings and messages of the soul ​in a multi-layered language that awakens and acknowledges our divine spark as co-creator of our universal​ of being!​

Havi Mandell PhD, is a shaman muse and priestess of possibility. Havi provides intuitive shamanic healing, creativity coaching and art playshops and retreats.

www.heartrageouslife.com     www.heARTrageouslife.com    http://fineartamerica.com/art/all/havi+mandell/all

 (aka Agent of Love)!  JUICE PLUS

(aka Agent of Love)!


Jen Creed – JUICE PLUS

Stop by The Wholistic Life’s table to meet Health and Wellness Coach Jen Creed and learn about some opportunities that can impact your journey. Come see if one conversation can change your life and how we can support you in becoming your healthiest and most successful self.


Tower Gardens  by JUICE PLUS – GROW IT, a
nywhere you’d like it!

Week 5 TimeLapse






10710748_320559858136710_5037045028574452207_nAurora Tank Drums
Music carries a Supreme, Joyous and Mysterious message to our spirit and soul. Healing sounds of Joy..
We are Aurora Tank Drums! We take decades old 5 gallon propane tanks, like the one on your backyard bbq, and “upcycle” them into rather special, one of a kind musical instruments. Available in a wide array of colors and assorted musical scales. See you in December!



Juanita Curiel has been guiding people in self healing for more than 20 years. She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who studied under and worked with Helen Baucum of Serenus Clinic for several years. Juanita is also a Breath Coach Facilitator. She received her training under Sondra Ray and is certified by the L.R.T.



Anabella de Corro; trained in the U.K. and one of the most powerful Intuitive readers in the U.S., Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende.  Now in Las Vegas Anabella has developed Transformational Therapy called RESCUE THERAPY aka, Activating the 3rd Eye, opening the intuitive side of our brain. Get your reading today!  https://www.facebook.com/anabella.corrogregerse – www.lovelines.biz

Karma ConnectionKarma Connection

We are store that offers sage, crystals, incenses, essential oils, candles, jewelry, and very unique items. Karma Connection has the tools so everyone can experience a peaceful and stress free life.


Las Vegas Arts GuildPhyllis Agronsky and Jacquelyn Wayne

Las Vegas Arts Guild

One of a kind hand created Cuff Bracelets and Earrings, Vintage costume jewelry, Prints and Paintings and cards for your holiday pleasure.


Hi, I am Hayley Hollingsworth.  My product is Plexus Slim. It is an all natural, stimulant, sugar, and gluten free way to lose weight and feel better. Come by and try a FREE sample and let me tell you how it’s helped me.





No standing in a store aisle to find an almost right greeting card, no hunting for stamps, no standing in line at the post office, and no forgetting those important birthdays and anniversaries for less than $3.  All from the convenience of your computer, (and soon from your smart phone).

Independent Send Out Cards Distributor #56138

WinderFarmsFullcolor 556k

Winder Farms is a convenient home delivery grocery service that provides families with weekly deliveries of high quality, fresh, great-tasting products right to their front door, saving our customers both time and money. We simplify your life and its “Fresh to your door”


Dr_Stephen_Ezra_WestZero Disease with Dr. Steven West

Learn and experience the principles of Lymphology, you will find the process very powerful and easy to apply.




Prot 2014-10-02

Protandim the NRF2 synigizer ! Mini Tramps for health






Damsel In Defense

Damsel in Defense

We carry a line of self defense products geared for women.  We Educate, Empower and Equip women with our stun guns, pepper sprays, security on the go, roadside emergency kits, personal alarms, kubatons and much more.

Maria Van Rossum   702-283-4477


Origami OwlOrigami Owl

As hard as we like to work, we also LOVE to play! Connection is the key to our unity and fun is what inspires us to always put our best foot forward. Dance parties, team building activities, company lunches and volunteer work keep us motivated and unified in our efforts to always be a force for good.

OUR MISSION IS TO be a force for good; to love, inspire and motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams and empower them to make a difference in the lives of others.   http://dianarhodes.origamiowl.com/

Alesia Martin

Alesia Martin

I sell a naturally based make up and skin care line that is paraben & talc free. Hypoallergenic and cruelty free. The lashes are divine…

I love being a Younique Presenter!  I am happy to be your personal Younique Presenter to show you all of these amazing products. Please browse my website and feel free to contact me with any questions. Younique keeps things fresh, new, and exciting by always adding new products to their cosmetics and skincare lines. I love their products! If you would like to earn Hostess Rewards by holding an online Virtual Party, I can show you how to earn free products without even having to hold a party at your house! I feel so empowered by this business! If you would like to learn more about the products, or how you can earn extra cash by selling these products and becoming a Presenter, please let me know! Whether you are interested in joining my company, or purchasing amazing products, you came to the right place.  Ph 702 883 6375      www.sweet3dlashes.com

Miche HandbagsMiche Handbags Offer Beauty Industry Fashion and Practicality.

Call or email:

702 339 6689  ChangeInASnap@gmail.com