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It is time for the community to take a stand and to make a difference with our Homeless Teens!

This population is difficult to find because they have become “invisible” to society. They intentionally blend inĀ and disappear in order to survive. Until the “Right to Shelter” law was passed, that’s exactly what they were: stuck in the middle between young children and adults, thus making them invisible in the eyes of the system.

Homeless youth have different needs than homeless adults; therefore, combining the services offered to adults with those offered to youth would be an unsafe and impractical solution. In Nevada, there are presently no long-term residential facilities for youth seeking help on a voluntary basis. To further complicate this matter, the detailed statistics needed in order to develop long-term residential care for this population are virtually non-existent.

HOMELESS 2Most of the youth residing on the streets are sexually active and at high risk of becoming parents; many of the girls are already pregnant. Lack of prenatal care, improper nutrition and severe dehydration make these young women prime candidates for delivering premature babies and those with a birth weight of less than 5.5 pounds. This part of the population are also at a high risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases that usually go undiagnosed and untreated. Some of these youth have admitted to engaging in “survival sex.” And because of the extreme circumstances in which these youth live, many are suicidal. Sadly enough, the ages of these youth vary between 11-18 years, with no gender bias reflected in drug use, survival sex, high school dropout rates or attempted suicide.

HELP Street is the future of HELP of Southern Nevada. HELP Street is a one-stop shop social service and community campus which will dramatically increase the access to critical services, delivery of services, efficiency and community engagement for individuals and families. HELP Street will raise the public’s awareness of the important work being done to assist the most vulnerable in Southern Nevada.

HELP Street Campus will be conveniently located on the same site as their administrative building on East Flamingo. The campus will consist of multiple buildings which will house the different services offered, a central place for the community to connect with clients, office space for other nonprofit agencies and the vision to expand new services that will meet the future needs of our growing and changing community.

Help us realize our future over the next five years. Be part of our efforts for community collaboration and creating a true one-stop campus that will serve Southern Nevada. Donate today or for more information email