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Our SOUL’ful Sunday presenters are here for you. 

Meet and hear what each have to share – you’ll be inspired…!

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SOLSTICE YEN YANGWinter Solstice Ceremony – SUNday – 4:30pm Over-looking the las Vegas Skyview – 

MUST be signed in to experience this –

As our planet makes it way around the central sun we experience the changing of the seasons. Winter to Spring, Spring to summer, toFall, Fall to Winter and the cycle of life begins again. In the ancient ways, these seasonal changes were marked by ceremonies,festivals and celebrations. Each part of the year being unique to its purpose. “And to every time there is a purpose”

In the last 2500 years  ” Winter Solstice” also known as Yule represents the death and re birth of the light to darkness and to light again. From the day of the solstice forward the light from the sun  will grow once again and the seasons will make there way around the sacred wheel of life. From Dec. 20th each day we will gain a minute of day light.

Chris Steely

CHRIS STEELY  “5 Steps To Manifesting Your Next Level”.

As we all do our utmost to serve our purpose on this planet, it’s imperative that we are most effectively developing, communicating, and manifesting our value. As an international entrepreneur and business coach Chris Steely and Business Growth Group focuses on delivering business effectiveness services to his clients across the globe. He’s co-authored two books, and has been featured as a business expert on countless international stages. As a creative problem solver, Chris inspires creativity in others through outstanding communication skills and keen insights into “unconventional” methodologies, which have proven revolutionary for many of his Clients.

Books: “GPS For Success” and “BUSINESS: Have We Lost Our Way


 3pm to 4pm -Winter SOULs Drum Circle – Take an hour in this busy season to connect your soul to the beat of mother earth – lead by Richard Kashanski, assisted by Marylou Anderson.

bring your drum or percussion  or rent a drum $5.

Richard Kashanski. loves drumming and jammin’ with everyone, including Joe Montelbano, Christina Lakis and William Shatner.

Goldie AmiraGoldie’s Center of WellBEING

includes the most gifted healers and teachers in the LV area.  Goldie Amira RDH has been teaching Balancing and Healing Arts for over 40 years.  Beyond her radio shows, publishing Starlight Connection Resources and booklet Marketing Effortlessly, Goldie was a featured speaker at the Whole Life Expo and has taught her unique classes nationally. Goldie’s extraordinary  2nd Tuesday night classes at the St. Rose Hospitals include: Developing YOUR Intuitive skills, Reiki, Acutonics (tuning forks), Tapping EFT, Reading Auras, Cellular Breath Work, Angelic Connection, Reconnective Healing, ACIM, Sedona Release Tech., Healing Touch, Healing Herbs and Essential OILS, Toning, Labyrinth Walks, Drumming Circles, Releasing the Past and Fears and Past Life Regression. Also JOIN Goldie’s FUN free Belly Dance Class at BG Women’s Care Center.  Goldie is one of your co-producers of the 2014 Winter Celebration and Expo and will be speaking on SUNDAY.  


“Staying 30 till you’re 90”

Unleashing the Healer Within.

You are the steward of your own form. A miraculous miracle that blooms to full potential when given tools that assist you in being who you truly are. As a healing to wellness and relationship coach Sheila Z and “The Vibrant Life Protocol” is changing lives for the better.  Sheila is an award winning author, professional speaker and an astounding healer. Helping you create new pathways that bring greater success, health and wellness to every aspect of your life is Sheila’s life’s passion. If you feel the pull to transform any aspect of your life, physical pain, emotional pain or uncertainty and emotional chaos, even physical illness or a feeling of “there must be more”. True Life Solutions will assist you and together we will chart your unique pathway to wellness and success.